Empty shops in Chippenham

I am a retired resident of Chippenham and part time Artist, for many years I have been frustrated by the powers that be who allow shops to stand empty and unsightly in the Town when myself and many other local Artists have collections of paintings and Drawings which could be displayed in empty shop windows, making them colourful and more attractive and give the Artist an opportunity to display their work while the premises are unoccupied. If you are in a position to offer some of these spaces contact me.

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  1. Amy Cameron

    Hi there, I think this sounds like a really great idea and I was wondering if you could provide me with some more information, such as potential spaces you’ve been looking at and a bit more about yourself and the artists which you would like to contribute? My name is Amy and I work for Chippenham Business Improvement District (BID), it would be great if you could send me an email with more details,

  2. Jeff Gibbons

    Hi Amy, I am so sorry for the delay in replying to your E-mail,
    My computer went down at just the wrong time in September,
    I have just got it sorted and picked up your message. You can reach me on the above E-mail or phone me at home on 01249657471 or Mobile 07970737317 and please check out the website.


    That sounds like a great idea, but wouldn’t it also make sense to offer some sort of business rate reduction to local, independent businesses, to help them from closing down too? The town centre looks really sad at the moment. Many independents have shut. It’s not a good advert for the community of Chippenham.

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