Chippenham Impresses

Chippenham Impresses

Members of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) visited Chippenham Town Council this week as part of a fact-finding best practice tour.

“This is an important day for the town,” said Chief Executive Mark Smith. “They are here to see all of the facilities we provide for the town and hear how we’ve developed them. It’s a great opportunity to show them off.”

The delegates stayed at The Angel Hotel and were welcomed by Mr Smith, Leader of Chippenham Town Council Councillor Sandie Webb and Mayor Councillor Andy Phillips.

The visit included a tour of the town, the Neeld Community & Arts Centre, Chippenham Museum and The Yelde Hall.

Royal Sutton Coldfield councillor Clare Horrocks said: “The attention to detail here is absolutely phenomenal. Everything has been so meticulously planned out and it flows really well. It’s a fantastic facility.”

The tour went on to see the London Road Cemetery and chapel, Stanley Park Sports Ground and John Coles Park which showcases the Splash Pad and attractive gardens.

Caption: Chippenham Town Council chief executive Mark Smith, left, leader Sandie Webb, NALC chairman Sue Baxter and committee chairman Kevin Wilson MBE

Councillor Sue Baxter, NALC Chairman said: “We’ve had a wonderful trip to Chippenham. The park here is superb and I’ve enjoyed seeing the splash pad.

“Chippenham’s heritage, and the beautiful buildings and the way that the council has capitalised on those buildings is impressive. The way they use the buildings is very worthwhile.”

Mr Smith said he was delighted with the way the visit had gone. “It’s been fantastic. We’ve had absolutely brilliant feedback from the delegates.

“I think we’ve certainly met our objective, the sun is shining, there are lots of happy delegates, lots of smiles and just an unbelievable large amount of compliments about how we do things in Chippenham.”

Cllr Sandie Webb, Leader of Chippenham Town Council said: “It has been a wonderful two days which has enabled us to showcase the services and facilities provided by Chippenham Town Council to our national peers. We have exchanged ideas on best practice and plans for future development. We would like to thank NALC for their work in arranging this study tour and choosing to come to Chippenham.”

NALC committee chairman Cllr Kevin Wilson MBE said it had been an enjoyable visit“We are very impressed with the facilities provided by the town council. There is no doubt that Chippenham Town Council is an excellent council delivering for the residents of Chippenham and pioneering the potential role of local councils,” he said.

“This is a leading council who can be proud of their achievements. The next steps will of course be challenging as the town council take on an increased responsibility but the Council is in a good shape to take this on in partnership with the local community, residents and businesses.

“Chippenham itself is a lovely town and it is clear it has a bright future under the brilliant stewardship of the members and officers of the town council.”

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